Prairial, the confluence of nature and taste

In Lyon, stroll between the Rhone and Saone rivers, in the heart of the Confluence area and share a gastronomic experience at PRAIRIAL.

Step through the door and discover our unique setting. Tables are arranged around the open kitchen, dining room and sommellerie. You're witnessing a live, heartfelt show.

Gaëtan Gentil, the chef, and Céline Boinon, head sommelier and restaurant manager, turn codes on their head to transport you to the heart of their universe at the confluence of nature and taste.

The Expression

of a terroir

Reflecting the riches of nature, PRAIRIAL is an expression of the quintessence of raw produce and wild resources from the surrounding area.

The chef's love of quality produce stems from a childhood spent in the countryside.

A cuisine of conscience, ethical and poetic, like an ode to the surrounding nature and to the men and women who work the earth with respect...

The gourmet restaurant's menu evolves day by day, without constraint, according to harvests and gatherings, meetings with producers and the inspiration of chef Gaëtan Gentil. Constant inventiveness for a deep-rooted gustatory adventure, constantly renewed and sublimated by Céline Boinon's food and beverage pairings.

Céline and Gaëtan

the passion of conviction

A native of Le Mans, France, chef Gaëtan Gentil honed his skills in a number of Michelin-starred establishments, notably alongside chefs Yannick Alléno when he took over Cheval Blanc, Emmanuel Renaut and then Denis Fetisson, whom he followed to open his two restaurants: L'Amandier and La Place de Mougins, where he was sous-chef. After a spell at the Crillon with chef Jean-François Piège, Gaëtan Gentil succeeded chef David Toutain to take over the reins at Agapé Substance in Paris.

In Lyon, with his partner Céline Boinon, they opened their own restaurant, Prairial, in 2015, affirming their responsible and committed cuisine. Sommelier, dining room manager and the restaurant's veritable conductor, Céline brings a sparkling dynamism to Gaëtan's cuisine. This complementary approach to demanding standards was rewarded with a Michelin star in 2016, and sustainable gastronomy with a green star.

After eight years on the rue Chavanne in Lyon's 1st arrondissement, they are now inviting you to take the PRAIRIAL experience even further, in a place they have imagined from the ground up, driven by the desire to please, transparently.

Imagining a place with personality, paying attention to every detail. Affirming our identity and our commitments. Breaking down all boundaries to share a lively, sincere and convivial gastronomic experience in total immersion around responsible cuisine. Welcome to the Confluence of Nature and Taste.

Gaëtan Gentil and Céline Boinon

The shared table

To enjoy a convivial moment

Situated a little bit aside, the shared table can welcome up to 10 people for a convivial moment with colleagues, friends or family.

This experience can only be booked by phone: +33 (0)4 87 78 32 51 or by email:

Opening hours

Friday and Saturday noon till 1:15pm

Tuesday to Saturday 8pm till 9:15pm

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1 place Hubert Mounier 69002 Lyon France


Parc LPA "Marché gare"

T1/T2: Hotel de Ville Montrochet

S1 Charlemagne- Casimir Perier


+33 04 87 78 32 51